Loyalty Brazil Business Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.

Loyalty Brazil Business Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. is an international trading company located in St. Paul, belonging to Loyalty Enterprises. Our company is specialized in selling self-supporting products which are manufactured by our subsidiary companies. Automobile-use A/C fittings include many kinds of products, such as expansion valve, solenoid valve, receiver drier, accumulator, fixed displacement wobble plate type compressors of SW5 series, unit assembly of evaporator, condenser and pipeline for automobile air-conditioner, four-way reversing valve, filter and drier, Cu. accumulator, Fe. accumulator and so on. Automobile-use bearing product range include automobile wheel hub bearing, insert bearing, tapered roller bearing, automobile clutch bearing, automobile tension pulley bearing, automobile water pump bearing, automobile air-conditioner bearing, motor vehicle drive shaft assembly and accessories, etc. All kinds of our products are manufactured and tested with advanced techniques and process of reliable performance and long service lifetime.