Entrepreneurship for the society, after the first home,
put others before oneself, sincere dedication.

Setting up the Loyalty Enterprises where kindness is the root and virtue is the base, in the new era, new starting point, new concept, new model, new beneficial.

Enterprise spirit, only has a starting point and no endpoint, making the culture of enterprise to love the country, to love the nation, love the enterprise, love people, achieve management of humanity.

In this enterprise, on this large area, makes many people bring into play their intelligence; reflect the value of all people so that they will serve the society.

Chairman Mr Hu Yachun served as the second and third session of the CPPCC, "51" labor medal in henan province, China's outstanding entrepreneurs, the Chinese patriotic talents, global top Chinese intellectual businessman, China's entrepreneurs integrity, the second session of the Chinese economy hundreds of outstanding figures, etc.

Currently he is director of the Zhejiang chamber of commerce in Shanghai, standing vice President of Shanghai chamber of commerce in Shaoxing, Shanghai Xinchang nationals association, President of Shanghai Xinchang chamber of commerce, CPPCC member enjoys many social functions, etc.