Shanghai Loyalty Electro-tech Co., Ltd.

Loyalty Energy Saving & Environmental Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Loyalty Electro-tech Co., Ltd. are main subsidiaries under Loyalty Enterprises. Loyalty Energy Saving & Environmental Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Is manufacturer entrepreneur specially producing high-efficiency Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Generator, Medical Oxygen Generator System, Household Oxygen Generator, Multifunction Oxygen Generator, Ozone Generator, health care home appliance products, Waste Hot Water Recovery Equipment, Oxygen-rich Aid-combustion Energy Saving System, etc. Company owns specialist composed of intermediate and advanced engineers, who are full-time for products deeper R&D and innovation.

Loyalty is cooperating with Institute for Environmental Engineering from East China University of Technology, and working as the developing trial base for common exploring environmental protection apply fields; also cooperating with Academe of Shanghai Environmental Protection Industrial about establishment institute for ozone engineering, continuously take our products deeper R&D and innovation, company has received several research results, and gotten several national patents. Our products are widely used in fields such as environmental protection engineering, chemical production, engineering oxygen cutting, medical and health care, medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber coupled system, drinking water treatment, biological treatment engineering, air sterilization, aquiculture, garden-stuff and food fresh keeping, paper pulp blenching, metal smelting, melting furnace aid-combustion etc.

Shanghai Loyalty Electro-tech Co., Ltd. is business and operation company which aims at meeting keen competition from domestic and oversea market and also bringing into play headquarters source. Company owns elite marketing team and perfect distribution channel, abundant international business and domestic marketing experience. Depending on its headquarters in Shanghai and Brazil distribution organization and e-commerce network, company sells its subsidiaries products obtained and sells related products from other agents. The products include Pressure Swing Absorption Oxygen Generator, Ozone Generator, Household Electronic Appliance, Medical Apparatus & Instruments, Electromechanical Equipment, E-scrap Disassembly Equipment, Auto Parts and fittings etc. The quality of the products is stable. With reasonable price, goods can be supplied timely, through a complete maintenance and after-sale service system, which gain favors from all our home and abroad customers.

Companies provide our most optimized product design to users, in order to ensure equipment and system running in high-efficiency, stability and energy saved. The advantages of our products are 1. Professional: own independent intellectual property several patents, product performance reach international technology level. 2. High standard: products are made as per medical apparatus and instruments’ standard, we apply the first-class key fittings by international quality; execute high normative quality control management system operation to sure product’s quality stability. 3. Optimal configuration: for user’s using reliably & conveniently, we design one-key user operation interface, mold structure, automation and intelligence, as well as easy maintenance. We have great successful system design and integration experience, and products are high cost performance.

Brilliant achievements afford us confidence, The road of diversification is one of our goals about corporate development strategy. Our integrity on management and services for society is as company aim, and we positively push the high-tech products applying in production. User’s 100% satisfactory is our everlasting pursue; it’s our sincerity to provide you our close and thoughtful services, and we look forward to your kind cooperation and strong support!